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Phoenix Financial Holdings is a holdings firm based in Washington, D C. The firm provides innovative solutions specifically designed to achieve the definitive goal of our partners: long-term wealth accumulation. Phoenix Financial Holdings seeks to mitigate financial gaps plaguing underserved communities, such as minimal investment money growth activities, lack of access to financial institutions, and basic financial services. Phoenix Financial Holdings will provide financial education and guidance while creating opportunities for wealth accumulation. The firm will execute extensive financial education and outreach initiatives, serving as a resource to those most in need of it.
Phoenix Financial Holdings currently has an immediate focus on expanding and further diversifying its acquisition portfolio, with a strategic focus on obtaining distressed as well as superiorly performing companies, which demonstrate an opportunity for positive returns for the holdings company and its partners. Through the firms acquisition activities, Phoenix Financial has formed a speciality in acquistions that are strategic in planning and purpose that positively impact opportunities for our partners and the overall growth of the firm.
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