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Phoenix Financial Holdings prides itself on its progressive insights. The firm has aligned itself with the trajectory of the country, and in many respects, the trajectory of the world; to a place of ultimate financial inclusion. Phoenix Financial Holdings endeavors to extend financial and investment opportunities to individuals despite what communities they come from, what they look like, or what financial mis-steps they may have made in the past. The firm operates under the belief that financial education and opportunity is the key to prosperous and progressive communities. To that end, the firm seeks to broaden the base of those companies and individuals who seek to develop robust financial portfolios and financial accessibility. Too often our world has placed stringent qualifications on those who are deemed worthy of the ability to pursue wealth accumulation and financial opportunity. Phoenix Financial Holdings represents the possibility for communities and individuals to dream and have the opportunity to see those financial dreams realized. Phoenix Financial Holdings is built on the premise of bridging the financial gaps that plague so many underserved communities and individuals. As a holdings company, the firm's premier goal is to hold commercial banks, investment banks, and insurance entities to direct those financial entities to a broader vision than many current financial companies, who tend to cater exclusively to the wealthy and demand high dollar investment minimums. We seek to work with other community and minority banking entities to create a space of financial and investment inclusion across all walks of life.

The growth of minority banking and investment companies has been on the rise for several years, however these minority banking entities tend to fall into a few classifications, minority banking entities which do not have full or robust product lines, forcing them to partner with the same financial entities that have historically shut out underserved and minority communities, minority banking entities that simple operate as thrifts and do not offer products outside of personal savings/checking accounts and mortgage loans, making investment and wealth accumulation options elusive to their clients, or minority banking entities who operate alongside the financial industry status quo neglecting a broader base in the procuring of underserved companies and individuals. Phoenix Financial seeks to be that financial beacon which will start a new trend of accessibility and financial inclusion.

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