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Phoenix Financial Holdings was founded in the spring of 2009 by a tenacious group of entrepreneurs ambitiously seeking to make a difference in underserved and misguided communities. The founders of Phoenix Financial Holdings began their holdings firm rooted in the basic understanding that financial shrewdness to be a necessity for any community to advance and prosper. Seeing a gap within many underserved communities, Phoenix Financial Holdings targets the acquisition of financial entities, for the purpose of extending the access of financial services, products, and education to underserved communities globally. The firm has established a business model that is autristic in nature, but simultaniously pushes the ultimate goal of wealth accumulation for its partners. It is the goal of Phoenix Financial Holdings to be a positively preforming holdings firm, while helping to mend the financial fracture existing within many underserved and overlooked communities.
Over the past several years, while developing the company’s holdings portfolio, Phoenix Financial Holdings has become a specialist in the area of leveraged buyoutsand the restructuring of sluggish companies.The Firm is constantly looking for new potential acquisition opportunities, small to mid-sized companies to invest into, as well as identifying qualified equity partners.
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