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Current Activities
Phoenix Financial Holdings specialize in leverage buyouts. Phoenix Financial Holdings targets undervalued companies that demonstrate a strong potential for growth and expansion. Our holdings firm makes significant investments in profitable small and mid-sized companies in alliance with existing management teams and our partners. We generate superior financial returns through the pursuit of conservative fiscal ideals, innovative brand development, and operational excellence.

Phoenix Financial Holdings Acquisition sector operates as a balance to the altruistic goals set by its founding partners to extend financial & investment opportunities to underserved communities. The firm focuses on multiple business sectors to maintain a diversified holdings portfolio model, which have demonstrated the possibility for growth and development, generating revenue for the firm, its partners, expanding the Phoenix holdings brand, and ultimately gleaning the resources needed to continue the firms overriding mission. Leverage Buyouts have long been seen as a positive method for companies to obtain equity into companies, limiting the risks traditionally associated with starting a company from the ground up. By purchasing companies via the LBO method, Phoenix Financial Holdings is able to limit the risk for its investment partners and deliver returns to those partners quicker, as the acquired companies are profitable established brands.

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